Previous Projects

Dynamic Vertically Integrated Power-Performance-Reliability Modulation in Embedded Digital Signal Processors

Serious new technical challenges are barriers to advances in microelectronics technology as technology scaling comes up against fundamental limits of material properties and lithography. Large process variations and other random performance and power constraining imperfections are now being observed as microelectronic devices are scaled down to atomic dimensions.

Analysis and Design of Energy-Efficient and Self-Healing CN-TFT Circuits

Carbon nanotube network based thin film transistors (CN-TFTs) are very promising for large-area and flexible-electronics applications such as displays, sensors, RF identification tags, and antennas. The goal of this project is to analyze and design energy-efficient and self-healing CN-TFT circuits which will consider the statistical and morphological fluctuations and self-heating effects in the transistor on the circuits.